Studies of power quality

It is a strategy to optimize, support and guarantee the correct operation of electrical installations. It allows to evaluate the various disturbances that occur in the electrical network of an installation or building. When these disturbances occur, which exceed the operating limits of the power supply, it is possible that the installed equipment will function improperly until it causes greater damage that affects the operation and production of the services it supports.

The "Energy Quality" service allows a complete analysis of installation and implementation of panels, protections, grounding systems, harmonic content, among others. In addition, it offers options to improve the quality of the electrical services of a given installation:

  • Electrical studies using energy analyzers (Fluke 435):
  1. Power
  2. Stream
  3. Voltages
  4. Flikers
  5. Power factor
  6. Operation graphics
  7. Power harmonics
  8. Analysis of electrical events
  9. Monitoring
  10. Boot peaks
  11. Energy consumption record
  12. Others
  • Thermographic analysis in electrical systems:
  1. Boards
  2. Protections
  3. Drivers
  4. Ducts rods
  5. Pipes
  • Analysis of the electrical installation.
  • Analysis of electrical charge in conductors.
  • Analysis and design of grounding systems.
  • Budget for the implementation of the solutions.
  • Corrections of problems in electrical installations.