What is Nomad?

NOMAD is a premium solution of modular data centers developed by Grupo Electrotécnica. It is designed with the latest international standards and in accordance with the requirements of the Uptime Institute.

It is characterized by being an All Inside solution, comprehensive, certifiable and quickly implemented, which easily adapts to the needs of business growth.

NOMAD has 30 kW or 60 kW solutions, consisting of an IT module connected to 1 or 2 Power & Cooling modules.

In the IT module there are critical equipment with their respective air conditioning units, while in the Power & Cooling module there is the electromechanical support infrastructure: UPS system, generator set and chiller.

When an IT module is connected to 2 Power & Cooling modules, a TIER III topology (99.98% uptime) is obtained, easily certifiable when installed, since the solution was designed under the supervision and standards of the Uptime Institute (Tier Gap Analysis).

In addition, the data center can be expanded with more IT and Power & Cooling modules, as more data processing capacity is required.

What type of company is the solution focused on?

NOMAD meets the needs of companies that wish to create a data center or expand their infrastructure, including through a temporary or permanent rental, and also as a contingency plan.

The facilities it offers allow small and medium-sized businesses to grow with the business in a phased manner, generating money savings and guaranteeing energy efficiency.

What should be taken into account to implement or install the solution?

  • Have space available in a green area, a basement, a parking lot, a roof, etc.
  • Have an electrical and IT connection, as well as water supply.
  • Make a security perimeter around the data center.
  • Tenology "true online" double conversion.
  • Input power factor greater than 0.98.
  • Lightning and overload protection.
  • Option of communications via SNMP or Web.
  • Correction of power factor and harmonics.
  • Battery backup between 4 and 8 minutes to full.
  • Support for up to 4 external battery cabinets longer backup
  • Visual and audible alarms that allow to make known overloads, battery status and bypass use.
  • Design that supports overload conditions.
  • Smart fan that modifies its speed so automatic, depending on load and operation conditions in batteries
  • Hot replaceable batteries with easy access for users.

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