Cookies Policy

Ref.: PC-01-2022

1. Concept.

Cookies are small pieces of text that the websites you visit send to the browser, are stored on the device of the user who browses through the Internet or through other types of platforms and applications (for example, applications for smartphones and tablets) and that, in particular, contains a number that allows to uniquely identify the user's device,  even if it changes location or IP address. They allow websites to remember you as a user and thus your information about your browsing habits or behavior on the website, which can make it easier to revisit the sites and make them more useful to you. Other technologies, such as unique identifiers used to identify a browser, application, or device, pixels, and local storage, may also be used for these purposes.

The website is accessible without the need for cookies to be accepted, however, such deactivation may restrict the use of certain services or prevent the correct functioning as long as it will not be able to execute some or all of the functions of the website.

2. Type of Cookies used.

2.1 According to its Purpose.

2.1.1 Technical Cookies.

Those that allow the user to navigate through a website, platform or application and the use of the different options or services that exist in it, including those used to allow the management and operation of the website, application or platform and enable its functions and services, such as controlling traffic and data communication,  identify the session, access restricted access parts, remember the elements that make up an order, carry out a purchase process, manage payment, control fraud linked to the security of the service, make the request for registration or participation in an event, count visits for the purpose of billing licenses of the software with which the website works,  application or platform, use security elements during navigation, store content for the dissemination of videos or sound, enable dynamic content (for example, animation of loading a text or image) or share content through social networks.

Also belonging to this category, due to their technical nature and as long as they are not used for other non-exempt purposes, those cookies that allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces that, as an element of design or "layout" of the service offered to the user, has been included in the website,  application or platform based on criteria such as edited content, without collecting information from users for different purposes, such as personalizing that advertising content or other content.

2.1.2 Analysis or measurement cookies.

Those that allow the person in charge to monitor and analyze the behavior of the users of the website, including the quantification of the impacts of the ads. The information collected through this type of cookies is used in the measurement of the activity of the website, in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the usage data made by the users of the service.

2.1.3 Preference or personalisation cookies.

Those that allow to remember information so that the user accesses the service with certain characteristics that can differentiate his experience from that of other users, such as, for example, the language, the number of results to be shown when the user performs a search, the appearance or content of the service depending on the type of browser through which the user accesses the service or the region from which he accesses the service,  etc.

However, if it is the user himself who chooses these characteristics (for example, if he selects the language of a website by clicking on the icon of the flag of the corresponding country), and only for this purpose, it will be considered as a service expressly requested by the user and will not be asked for consent to the installation.

2.1.4 Behavioural advertising cookies.

Those that store information on the behavior of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to show advertising based on it.

The rejection of the use of behavioral advertising cookies will prevent the user from being shown personalized advertising of interest. However, it will not prevent you from being able to send you generic advertising.

2.2 Depending on who manages them.

2.2.1 Own Cookies.

Those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

2.2.2 Third Party Cookies.

Those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the publisher, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies. In the event that cookies are served from a computer or domain managed by the publisher itself, but the information collected through them is managed by a third party, they cannot be considered as own cookies, if the third party uses them for its own purposes such as improving the services it provides or for the provision of services,  for example, of an advertising nature, in favor of other entities.

2.3 According to the period of time you remain active.

2.3.1 Session cookies.

Those designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a website. They are usually used to store information that is only interested in keeping for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion (for example, a list of products purchased) and disappear at the end of the session.

2.3.2 Persistent cookies.

Those in which the data is still stored in the user's terminal when he leaves the website and can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

3. Data Protection.

The use of cookies may involve the processing of personal data, that is, when the user is identified by a name or email address that identifies him (for example, because he is a registered user), through the IP address or when unique identifiers are used to distinguish some users from others and to carry out an individualized follow-up of them (for example,  Advertising ID). Such data processing, except in cases where it is necessary for browsing the website, will be legitimized provided that they have given their consent. To learn about the processing of personal data, you can consult our Personal Data Protection Policy here.

4. Consent.

In accordance with this Cookies Policy, and provided that the user has given consent. The user of this website may modify or reject the use of them, except for technical, preference or personalization Cookies, which are necessary to ensure the basic functioning of the website or to provide the service you have requested, which do not require your consent and, therefore, cannot be deactivated.

We are not responsible for the fact that the deactivation of cookies may prevent the proper functioning of our website.

5. Revocation of Consent.

The user of the website may revoke or adjust the consent regarding cookies at any time, through the configuration panel, through common platforms that may exist for this purpose or through their browser.

However, although we will keep the selection made by the user for a maximum of 24 months, we will periodically request the update of your consent. Likewise, if after having obtained your consent there is a change in the cookies, in the purposes of use of the same or in the third parties, we will request your consent again.

If the user wishes to revoke consent through the browsers used, he must configure it in the terms provided below:

(i) Microsoft Internet Explorer: in the "Tools" menu option, selecting "Internet Options" and accessing "Privacy".

(ii) Firefox, for Mac in the menu option "Preferences", selecting "Privacy", accessing the "Show Cookies" section, and for Windows in the menu option "Tools", selecting "Options", accessing "Privacy" and then "Use a custom configuration for history".

(iii) Safari, in the Safari option, select "Preferences", and "Privacy".

(iv) Google Chrome, in the Tools menu option or Chrome tab (for Mac), selecting "Options" ("Preferences" on Mac), accessing "Advanced Settings" and then in the option "Privacy and security" and "Website Settings", and finally checking "Cookies and site data".

Please note that if you have accepted third-party cookies, you will need to delete them from your browser options. In this sense, it is recommended that you consult the help of your browser or access the help web pages of the main browsers:

·       Chrome

·       Explorer

·       Firefox

·       Safari

Disabling all cookies does not prevent browsing the service.

6. Change in the Cookies Policy.

This Cookies Policy may be modified at any time when required by current legislation or when there is any variation in the type of cookies used.

The user must access the content of this policy when visiting

Legal Notice and Conditions of Use

Ref.: ALCU-01-2022

Electrotécnica provides users (the "User" or "Users") of this website www.electrotecnica.com (the "Website") with the following general information data.

Below are the terms and conditions of use of the website (the "Terms of Use"), whose Users must comply with at all times.

Acceptance of the conditions of use

These Terms of Use regulate the use of the website that Electrotécnica makes available to Users.

The Terms of Use together with the Legal Notice, the Personal Data Processing Policy and the Cookies Policy together constitute the terms and conditions governing access to and use of the public part of the website (the "Website Terms and Conditions"). Electrotécnica customers can have access to the private area of the website, after signing the multichannel contract; or, for the use and access to the private area for companies through the website.

The access and use of the website by the User implies that he accepts in its entirety and undertakes to comply fully with the terms and conditions of the website stipulated herein or in the Personal Data Processing Policy and the Cookies Policy. Therefore, the User must carefully read these Terms of Use as well as the remaining Terms and Conditions of the Website on each of the occasions in which he intends to use the website, since these may undergo modifications at any time. Electrotécnica reserves the right to update, modify or delete these Terms and Conditions of the website at any time and without prior notice, for this the User is obliged to verify these conditions of use as well as the current policies.

Website Terms of Use

The User undertakes to make good use of the website, being understood as good use that is in accordance with current legislation, good faith and public order. Likewise, the User undertakes not to use the website for fraudulent purposes, as well as not to carry out any conduct that could damage the image, interests and rights of Electrotécnica or third parties. Likewise, the User undertakes not to perform any act in order to damage, disable or overload the website, or that would prevent, in any way, the normal use and operation of the same.

The User is informed that, in the event that he breaches the content or obligations arising from the Terms and Conditions of the website or any other particular terms or conditions contained in the website, Electrotécnica reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate his access to the website,  taking any technical measures necessary for that purpose. Likewise, Electrotécnica reserves the right to exercise such measures in the event that it reasonably suspects that the User is violating any of the terms contained in the Terms and Conditions of the website or any other particular terms or conditions contained in the website.

Electrotécnica reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in the website, including the contents and / or services that are integrated into it, and may even limit or not allow access to such information, at any time and without prior notice. In particular, Electrotécnica reserves the right to eliminate, limit or prevent access to the website when technical difficulties arise due to facts or circumstances beyond Electrotécnica's control that, at its discretion, reduce or annul the security levels or standards adopted for the proper functioning of said website. To this end, Electrotécnica reserves the right to, at any time, decide on the continuity of the services of the information society that it provides through the website.

Website Content

The intellectual and industrial property rights over the website, including the arrangement of its contents, the sui generis right over the underlying databases, the graphic design and user interface of the website (look & feel), the underlying computer programs (including the source and object codes), as well as the different elements that make up the website (texts,  graphics, photographs, videos, sound recordings, etc.) (the "Contents"), correspond to Electrotécnica or its licensors. With respect to the distinctive signs included in the website (trademarks and trade names) they are the property of Electrotécnica or its licensors.

The use of the website by the User does not imply the transfer of any intellectual and/or industrial property rights over the website, the Contents and/or the distinctive signs of Electrotécnica. To this end, through these Conditions of Use, except in those cases in which it is legally permitted or with the prior authorization of Electrotécnica, the User is expressly prohibited from reproducing, transforming, distributing, publicly communicating, making available, extracting and/or reusing the website, its Contents and/or the distinctive signs of Electrotécnica or any other third parties incorporated into the website. Electrotécnica reserves the right to exercise the corresponding legal actions against Users who violate or infringe intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

Electrotécnica grants Users who respect the Terms and Conditions of the website an authorization to use the website, on a non-exclusive basis, for the maximum period of validity of the intellectual and industrial property rights as established by the applicable regulations (except in case their access to the website is suspended for justified cause) and in order that the User can use the website in accordance with the present document.

Likewise, Electrotécnica DECLARES the following:

·       The information contained in the Website is for informational purposes, and does not provide any type of recommendation, and cannot be considered in any case as legal, fiscal, financial, investment, technical advice, nor offer or guarantee by Electrotécnica, nor should it be understood as a recommendation to carry out operations, nor will it constitute the basis for a decision in a certain direction,  Electrotécnica declines all responsibility for the use of the information contained in the website may be made in this regard, and specifically it must be understood that said information, subject to current regulations, is not intended for those Users who act under other jurisdictions of other States that require compliance with different requirements for the provision,  disclosure or advertising of such information.

·       The information provided by Electrotécnica on the website does not constitute a technical opinion of Electrotécnica.

·       Electrotécnica is not responsible for the information contained in the website responding to the Expectations of the User. Electrotécnica is not responsible for the veracity, accuracy, sufficiency, completeness or updating of information that is not of its own elaboration and of which another source is indicated. Nor is it responsible for the opinions or comments that may appear on the website, since they could either be made by Users in a personal capacity, or come from the sources indicated.

·       Electrotécnica reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in the website in the terms indicated above, not assuming any commitment to communicate changes or modify the content thereof. The User ACKNOWLEDGES AND ACCEPTS the statements of Electrotécnica above and additionally, GUARANTEES compliance with the regulations that apply to him in his condition as User of this website.

Links to the Website

The establishment of links to the website is prohibited, unless it has been previously authorized by Electrotécnica. In any case, once the link has been authorized by Electrotécnica, it must be established in the following terms:

·       The link may not consist of frames or frames that allow the visualization of the website through Internet addresses other than those of the website or that in any other way jointly display the information of the website with that included in other web pages.

·       No false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about the website and/or Electrotécnica will be made from the web page that introduces the link (the "Linking Site").

·       In no case does the authorization granted by Electrotécnica mean that: (i) Electrotécnica sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the content and / or services provided through the Linking Site; or (ii) that Electrotécnica is in any way responsible for the content of the Linking Site.

·       The Linking Site must faithfully comply with the Law and may not in any case host content, its own or that of third parties, that: (i) are illicit, harmful to the rights of third parties, harmful, denigrating, violent, inadequate or in any other way contrary to morality, uses and good customs (pornographic, racist, etc.); (ii) induce or may induce in the User the false conception that Electrotécnica subscribes, endorses, adheres to or in any way supports, the ideas, manifestations or expressions, lawful or illicit, of the sender; and (iii) are inappropriate or irrelevant in relation to the activity of Electrotécnica.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the terms set forth above, Electrotécnica may adopt the legal measures that proceed to this effect.

Linked Sites

In order to help the User find additional information, Electrotécnica may include various technical link devices that allow the User to access other websites (the "Linked Sites"). In these cases, Electrotécnica acts as a provider of intermediation services. Electrotécnica will not be responsible for the services and contents provided through the Linked Sites.

In no case does the existence of Linked Sites imply recommendation, promotion, identification or conformity of Electrotécnica with the manifestations, contents or services provided through the Linked Sites. Consequently, Electrotécnica is not responsible for the content of the Linked Sites, nor for their conditions of use and privacy policies, being the User solely responsible for checking and accepting them each time he accesses and uses them.

Communication of Activities of an Illicit and Inappropriate Nature

In the event that the User or any other Internet User becomes aware that any kind of information or content of the website or provided through it is illicit, harmful to the rights of third parties, harmful, denigrating, violent, inadequate, contrary to the provisions of these Conditions of Use or, in any other way,  contrary to morality, uses and good customs, you can contact Electrotécnica indicating the following extremes:

·       Personal data of the communicator: name, address, telephone number and email address;

·       Description of the facts that reveal the illicit or inappropriate nature of the content or information as well as the specific address in which it is available;

·       In the event of violation of the rights of third parties, such as intellectual and industrial property, the data of the owner of the infringed right must be provided when he is a person other than the communicator. You must also provide the title that proves the ownership of the rights infringed and, where appropriate, the representation to act on behalf of the owner when it is a person other than the communicator.

The receipt by Electrotécnica of the communication provided for in this clause will not imply effective knowledge of the activities and / or contents indicated by the communicator when this is not noticeable or evident. In any case, Electrotécnica reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the contents that, although not illegal, are contrary to the rules established in these Conditions of Use, weighing in each case the legal assets in conflict.

Responsibility of Electrotechnics

The User must know that communications through open networks are exposed to a plurality of threats that make them unsafe. It is the Responsibility of the User to adopt all appropriate technical measures to reasonably control these threats and, among them, to have updated systems for the detection of malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans, etc., as well as to have updated the security patches of the corresponding browsers. For more information you can go to your Internet access service provider who can provide you with solutions appropriate to your needs. With the maximum scope allowed by the applicable legislation, Electrotécnica is not responsible for the damages caused to the User as a result of risks inherent in the means used, nor those caused by vulnerabilities in its systems and tools. Electrotécnica does not guarantee the total security of its systems and although it has adopted adequate security measures, the existence of vulnerabilities cannot be totally ruled out and, consequently, the User must be cautious in interacting with the website.

In particular, Electrotécnica shall not be liable for:

·       Damages of any kind caused to the User's computer equipment by viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other harmful element.

·       Damages of any kind caused to the User that are caused by failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that produce the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the website during the provision of the same. In this regard, the User acknowledges that access to the website requires services provided by third parties outside the control of Electrotécnica (by way of example: telecommunications network operators, access providers, etc.) whose reliability, quality, continuity and operation do not correspond to Electrotécnica, nor is it part of its responsibility to guarantee the availability of the service.

·       Of the information of third parties in the cases in which Electrotécnica acts as a provider of intermediation services.

In no event shall Electrotécnica, and/or affiliated companies, assignees or successors in any capacity, and/or their directors, employees and authorized personnel be liable for any damages, losses, claims or expenses of any kind, whether or not arising from the use of the website, the Information acquired or accessed by or through it,  computer viruses, operational failures or interruptions in service or transmission, or line failures; the use of the website, both by direct connection and by link or other means, constitutes a warning to any user that these possibilities may occur.


Electrotécnica does not guarantee permanent and uninterrupted access to the website and its links, nor that this access is free of errors, technical problems or configurations, caused by internal or external factors.

Protection of Personal Data

The issues related to the processing of the personal data of the Users on the occasion of the use of the website, are regulated in the document called Personal Data Protection Policy.

Use of Cookies

The website uses a technology called "cookies". In the Cookies Policy, detailed information on how Electrotécnica uses cookies is available to the User.

For more information see the Cookies Policy.

Any questions can be communicated to the following email: [email protected]

Personal Data Protection Policy

Ref.: PPDP-01-2022

This personal data processing document ("Processing of Personal Data") regulates the processing of personal data provided by users (the "User" or "Users") of the website, owned by Electrotécnica. You can consult the information related to Electrotécnica in Legal Notice and Conditions of Use.

What is the purpose of this Data Protection Policy?

This policy aims to publicize the way in which we obtain, process and protect the personal data that you provide or collect through our website through forms and / or cookies so that you can decide freely and voluntarily if you want us to treat them.

The processing of personal data will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding document.

The website is owned by Electrotécnica. For more information about Electrotécnica and the website see the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use.

In this document we inform you about the treatment of the information that Electrotécnica obtains through the website but it is not applicable to that which may be obtained by third parties on other web pages, even if these are linked by the website.

We remind you of the importance of reading this Personal Data Protection Policy on each of the occasions in which you are going to use the website, since it may undergo modifications.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

Electrotécnica S.A., with address at Avenida 10, calles 13 y 15, San José, Costa Rica.

How can you contact the website managers?

You can contact at the following email address: xx@xxxx

What do we use your personal data for?

1.     To manage your navigation through the website in accordance with the Cookies Policy that you can consult here.

2.     For the purposes and with the legitimacy indicated in each of the forms for collecting personal data on the website.

We treat your personal data with absolute confidentiality, committing ourselves to keep them secret and guaranteeing the duty to keep them by adopting all the necessary measures to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the legal obligations that apply to us as responsible for the processing of your personal data.

3.     Quotes of products and services.

4.     Product and service preferences.

5.     Sending advertising, data analysis and behavior in networks and navigation,

6.     Massive or personalized offers of products and / or services individually or jointly with other products or services.

7.     Conduct surveys on products and/or services.

8.     Carry out regulatory controls and for market research purposes or other purposes, such as statistical and market analysis.

9.     We will process your data for the development of commercial actions, as well as the elaboration of a commercial profile based on your data, to offer you products and / or financial services other than those you had contracted with Electrotécnica, congratulate you on specific dates, include you in loyalty programs and participate in raffles organized by Electrotécnica. These commercial actions may be by any means, including electronically (email, fax, SMS, social networks, mobile applications, etc.). This authorization will exist even after your relationship with the Electrotechnics has ended.

10.  We will communicate your data to companies that are part of the Economic Interest Group belonging to Electrotécnica, as well as to companies collaborating and /or participating in electrotécnica, for the development of commercial actions by them, both general and adjusted to their commercial profile, on their products and services or those of Electrotécnica. These commercial actions may be by any means, both physical and electronic (email, fax, SMS, social networks, mobile applications, etc.).

11.  We will process your data to inform you about the contracting of products and services, for their contracting, as well as to maintain and fulfill the contract, evaluating for this, when necessary, your solvency and credit risk.

In the event that you have made use of the autograph or digital signature, to request services and / or formalize operations, we inform you that we will keep your biometric data obtained by digitizing the autograph signature (such as the order of the stroke, the intensity, the speed, the pressure and the acceleration of the graph) and that they will only be treated as a test element in case of repudiation,  in order to verify through the comparison that the signature is yours, and, therefore, to be able to carry out the authentication. In no case will we process your biometric data as a means of identification.

To fulfill the contract, we may go to external sources of information, such as official journals and bulletins, public records, resolutions of the Public Administrations, lists of people belonging to professional associations, official lists for the prevention of fraud, social networks and the Internet.

12.  We will consult your data to companies that provide information on solvency, delinquency and in general risk indicators.

13.  We will process and/or communicate your data to third parties, whether or not they are companies in Electrotécnica's economic interest group, to prevent, investigate and/or discover fraud. The legitimate interest is to know and identify the participants in fraudulent activities to carry out the actions that are necessary.

14.  We will record your voice and/or image and keep the telephone and/or video conversation, when expressly indicated to you. Electrotécnica's legitimate interests are to maintain the quality of the service and to use the recordings as evidence in court and outside it, if necessary.

15.  We will process your data to comply with applicable legal and tax obligations, such as the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.

In the event that you do not authorize the processing of your data for the above purposes, this will not affect the maintenance or fulfillment of the contractual relationship you have with Electrotécnica.

Will Electrotécnica send you commercial communications?

Through the data collection forms, we may obtain your consent to contact you by ordinary mail, email, SMS, or any other equivalent means of electronic communication or social network, to send you commercial communications about their own products and / or third parties identified in the form.

If at a certain time you do not wish to receive communications of this nature, you can revoke your consent by sending the notification to the following address xxx@xxxx, providing a copy of a document that allows you to prove your identity.

How long will we keep your data?

We will process your personal data as long as they are necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. Once completed, they will be blocked during the legal limitation periods, generally 10 years by regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Once the legal limitation periods have elapsed, the data will be destroyed.

To whom will we communicate your data?

1. Companies of the economic interest group to which Electrotécnica belongs and third parties collaborating and/or participating in the economic interest group. Depending on the purpose of the treatment that we have informed you in this document, we will only communicate your data to said third parties: i) when it is necessary for the realization of simulation processes of the contracting of any of the products and / or services of said entities, the effective contracting of the same and / or the maintenance and / or management of the contract that you maintain with the aforementioned entities; ii) when you provide us with your consent; iii) when the assignment is based on the legitimate interest of Electrotécnica or / and the third party company to which we communicate your data, and finally, iv) when the assignment responds to compliance with a legal obligation.

2. Public Administration Bodies and private entities, when it has the legal obligation to provide them.

Will there be transfers of your personal data to third countries?

Among the data processors contracted by Electrotécnica, there may be suppliers who are not located in the country, producing an international transfer of their data. Therefore, Electrotécnica has adequate guarantees in accordance with data protection regulations, such as the signing of Standard Contractual Clauses or Binding Corporate Rules.

Additionally, when you request the performance of operations that are destined for countries outside where the request is issued, there will be a transfer of your personal data. In such cases, the aforementioned transfer will be legitimized because it is necessary for the execution of what has been signed between you and Electrotécnica.

Does Electrotécnica use cookies on this website?

On our website we use a technology called "cookies". For more detailed information on how cookies are used see the Cookies Policy here.

Do we use links to other websites?

The website may contain links to other websites. Please note that Electrotécnica is not responsible for the privacy and processing of personal data from other websites. This Data Protection Policy document applies exclusively to the information collected on the Electrotécnica website. We recommend that you read the personal data processing policies of other websites with which you link from our website or that you visit in any other way. You can also obtain more information about our link policy in our Legal Notice here.

What are your rights when you provide us with your data?





You can consult your personal data included in files



You can modify your personal data when they are inaccurate.


You can request that your personal data not be processed.

Limitation of processing

You can request the limitation to the processing of your data in the following cases:

- While the challenge to the accuracy of your data is checked.

- When the treatment is illegal, but you oppose the deletion of your data.

- When it is not required to process your data but you need them for the exercise or defense of claims.

- When you have objected to the processing of your data for the fulfillment of a mission in the public interest or for the satisfaction of a legitimate interest, while verifying whether the legitimate reasons for the treatment prevail over yours.


You can receive, in electronic format, the personal data that you have provided us, as well as transmit them to another entity.

If you consider that we have not processed your personal data in accordance with the regulations, you can contact the person in charge of the website in the email xx@xxxx

The exercise of these rights is free of charge.

Likewise, at any time, you can withdraw the consent given without affecting the legality of the treatment by sending your request to the email address xx@xxxx, or by going to one of our branches.


In addition to what is indicated in this document, Electrotécnica will also process your personal data in accordance with the processing of personal data that you have accepted as a customer.

Recognition and Authorization for Consultation and Data Processing

By this means I User, I expressly authorize Electrotécnica and / or affiliated companies, assignees or successors to any title, hereinafter called Electrotécnica, which I recognize, accept and understand this policy so I authorize in all its extremes that they treat my data in accordance with the provisions of here and the current law.

Safety, health at work and environment policy

In Electrotécnica we are market leaders in products and services for the protection of critical systems since 1975 and we have recognition thanks to technological innovation, quality, extensive experience and highly qualified human resources.

We are constantly growing, with a commitment to providing always reliable turnkey solutions for data centers and other mission-critical applications, which fit the most specific requirements of each project.

Through the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, we establish the commitment to maintain safe and healthy environments for our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders.

This through the achievement of social objectives:

·  The promotion of the quality of working life.

· Prevention of occupational diseases and accidents, as well as property damage.

· Identification of hazards, evaluation and assessment of occupational risks.

· Prevent, mitigate and monitor the respective controls of the socio-environmental risks and impacts generated in the development of the activities.

We are committed to promoting environmental responsibility and promoting the well-being of stakeholders, through various environmental objectives:

· Identify, prevent and mitigate environmental impacts.

· Properly manage waste.

· Encourage product innovation and services that contribute to the improvement of the environment.

· Educate employees about the importance of environmental conservation.

·       Promote corporate social responsibility in our employees, through volunteering towards environmental preservation.

We guarantee compliance with this policy and the current legislation applicable in Safety, Health at Work and Environment, thus allowing continuous improvement to maintain high standards in the development of our activities.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001: 2022

Quality Policy

"We are the company that has the longest history, team

specialized technician, and technological innovation to provide

efficient and comprehensive services in terms of equipment monitoring

under warranty and/or contract for precision air conditioners,

emergency power plants, power systems

uninterrupted, transfers, PDUs, IT servers,

communication and BMS and preventive maintenance in

uninterruptible power (UPS), emergency power plants and

precision and comfort air conditioners.

We are committed to ensuring availability and reliability

of critical systems and equipment monitoring, providing

technological peace of mind to our customers, through a system

of quality management and continuous improvement, which allows to satisfy and

exceed their expectations, within the applicable legal framework."