• To provide high quality services and in compliance with the most demanding international standards, we have technical personnel and engineers trained directly at the factory, to deal with possible equipment failures.
  • Maintenance covers all the activities carried out by trained technical personnel, and whose main objective is to guarantee the continuous operation of critical systems.
  • Electrotécnica manages these projects with a wide line of fiber optic and copper cables from the best manufacturers, which guarantees the correct execution of the projects and a very competitive quality - price ratio.
  • It is a strategy to optimize, support and guarantee the correct operation of electrical installations. It allows to evaluate the various disturbances that occur in the electrical network of an installation or building.
  • The service of electromechanical installations consists in the design and installation of all the electrical and mechanical infrastructure necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of the mission-critical equipment of a company.
  • Electrotécnica, in order to ensure the continuity of its customers' businesses, incorporates in its portfolio of services: remote real-time monitoring solutions, the operation and performance of the critical operation variables of the equipment, with a customer service center of calls 24/7.

We have extensive experience in the business of mission critical centers.

We have a highly qualified team certified by the manufacturers; This ensures excellent service and provides the necessary confidence to leave your projects in the hands of experts.


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