Safety, health at work and environment policy

In Grupo Electrotécnica we are the company that leads the market of products and services for the protection of critical systems since 1975, and we have been recognized thanks to technological innovation, quality, extensive experience and highly qualified human resources. We are constantly growing, with the commitment to provide always reliable "turnkey" solutions for data centers, and other mission-critical applications that meet the most specific requirements of each project.

Through the Safety, Health at Work and Environment Policy, we establish the commitment to maintain safe and healthy environments for our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and other stakeholders. 

This through the achievement of social objectives:

· The promotion of the quality of work life.

· Prevention of occupational diseases and accidents, as well as property damage.

· Hazards identification, evaluation and assessment of occupational hazards.

· Prevent, mitigate and monitor the respective controls of socio-environmental risks and impacts, generated in the development of activities.

We are committed to promoting environmental responsibility and promoting the well-being of interest groups, through various environmental objectives: 

· Identify, prevent and mitigate environmental impacts.

· Manage waste correctly.

· Promote the innovation of products and services that contribute to the improvement of the environment.

· Educate employees about the importance of environmental conservation.

· Promote corporate social responsibility in our employees, by volunteering towards environmental preservation. 

We guarantee compliance with this policy and current legislation applicable to Safety, Health at Work and Environment, thus allowing continuous improvement to maintain high standards in the development of our activities.